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Stop everything and look at these sweet newly hatched penguins

The weather is terrible, but not everything is: The New England Aquarium has welcomed four little blue penguins, and as the resident crazy penguin lady, I felt obliged to tell you.

Just try to tell me their wee faces aren’t making your day better. All together now: Awww!

Little blue penguins, also known as fairy penguins, are the smallest of the 18 different penguin species in the world. Their name is derived from their blue hue and their diminutive stature.

Penguins are collecting Valentines and my heart can’t take it

Tell me this isn’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen!

Although the birds are often monogamous, they don’t usually share their red felt with each other. Instead, they typically go home, tear up the present, and wait for one of their peers to admire their handiwork.

As the resident crazy penguin lady, I audibly gasped when I came across this article. What do I have to do to get one of these?!