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The places to be on this beautiful Friday in the Upper Valley

Shop all day and party all night (or, at least, until about 10 p.m.):

Just me walkin’ around WRJ with a pile of clothes from the tent sale. nbd.

There’s gonna be a meteor shower this weekend, and here’s how you can watch

The Perseid (that’s “Purse-y-id,” according to NASA) meteor showers are set to peak this weekend, offering ample opportunities for viewing, according to Time Magazine. Here, a quick guide.


Time reports the best times to see the meteor showers are Saturday and Sunday nights, when you should be able to see 60-70 meteors per hour.

Some meteors will appear lower in the sky as soon as it’s fully dark out—around 9:30 p.m. local time. But the best time to watch the shower is in the pre-dawn hours of 3-5 a.m. when the moon has set and Perseus is high in the sky.


If you want to take see the meteor show, you should aim to head somewhere super dark and free of light pollution or large buildings, according to the article. “No special equipment is needed, just patience,” Time reported.

Of course, if you prefer to view from the comfort of your own home or already have plans and might miss the show, you can catch the live stream here on Youtube.


This is where it gets a little tricky, and where some equipment might be necessary. (You probably won’t capture this lights show on your iPhone.) From the article:

Anyone using a real camera should consider setting it up on a tripod in order to avoid the blurry shots that can result from shaky hands. For best results, aim your camera toward Perseus, manually focus a wide-angle lens, use a remote shutter release or self-timer, and employ NASA’s 500 rule to calculate the optimal exposure time.

If anyone does snap pics of the shower, send ’em our way!

FILE – In this Thursday night, Dec. 13, 2012, file photo, a meteor streaks across the sky during the annual Geminid meteor shower over Springville, Ala. The Geminids meteor shower hits its peak on Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2016, but a full moon will outshine the celestial show this year. (Mark Almond/AL.com via AP, File)

Zack’s Place fundraiser aims to have 500 golf balls fall from a helicopter over Woodstock

Wow! This is gonna be quite a sight on Sept. 28, the date of the Zack’s Place golf tournament at Woodstock Country Club. And you have a chance to win up to $5,000, to boot.

According to an email from the Woodstock nonprofit, families and friends of the Zack’s Place community are selling numbered tickets in advance of the tournament, with each number also written on a golf ball. The idea is that a helicopter “comes flying over the Woodstock Country Club and drops all the balls (hopefully 500),” with the closest ball to a pin winning up to $5,000, the second $2,500 and 10 additional balls winning $100.

Also, winning money is super fun and all that, but check out what you’re contributing to: All of the proceeds are going to help build a safer wheelchair-accessible entrance to Zack’s Place, a community center for people with special needs. Any extra money will be used to replace the roof on the Zack’s Place building, according to the email.

Zack’s Place is trying to sell 500 tickets, and they are $50 each. Click here to buy a golf ball online.

Zack’s Place Golf Ball Drop flyer.

I have had the pleasure of being part of coverage of the organization a few times over the years, including at their 2016 Turkey Trot (registration for 2019 is open, btw) and 2017 prom.

Calling all puppies and pooches who wanna prance in a Woodstock parade

A fine example of high fashion in a petite package from last summer’s Puppies & Pooches on Parade on the Woodstock Green. Philip W. Scott Photo.

From a news release distributed by the Friends of the Norman William Public Library:

Do you have a hunch that your dog might be the most precious petite, the mightiest mid-size, or the gentlest giant? Are you convinced that your canine is the most charming and possibly the most fashionable member of your family? If the answer is “yes,” then you should register NOW for the 4th Annual Puppies & Pooches on Parade fundraising dog show!


Puppies & Pooches on Parade, the fanciful and fabulous fundraiser put on each summer by the Friends of the Norman William Public Library (NWPL), will begin promptly at 10:30 am on Saturday, Aug. 25, with a parade of pooches and their people around the Woodstock Green. Following the parade, handlers will help canine contestants to strut their stuff in a ring show, hoping to convince a team of esteemed judges that their pup is top dog in one or more of six categories (Most Precious Petite, Mightiest Mid-Size, Gentle Giant, Ms. Fashionista, Mr. Beau Geste, Ms./Mr. Congeniality and Best in Show). The Best in Show will be determined by public acclaim from the winners of each category.

Registration is $15 per dog, and is open until Wednesday, Aug. 22, at 5 p.m. To register, contact Peggy Fraser at freaserusa@att.net or 802-457-7078.