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Aerosmith’s original tour van was just found in Massachusetts

Turns out the van was found by Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, hosts of the History Channel show American Pickers, according to The Associated Press. They located the van in Chesterfield, Mass., a town of about 1,200 residents located 100 miles west of Boston. The property owner said the 1964 International Harvester Metro van was there when he bought the land from someone with a connection to Aerosmith, according to the AP.

Pretty cool!

A long-shot search for a good Samaritan from N.H. who helped a kid in a Canadian car crash in 1988

The Canadian town of Stanstead, in Quebec, is seen on Google Maps. Producers of a Canadian TV show are searching for a good Samaritan who rescued a 16-year-old from an accident there, on Highway 55, in 1988. The man was believed to be a resident of New Hampshire.

We recently received a notice from Nancy Vanasse, a researcher for the French-Canadian TV show Deuxième Chance (translation: second chance), an adaptation of the BBC’s show in the UK, The Gift

Vanasse said, in part:

For this very positive and touching TV show, we search people from all the over the world. Our participants have turned to us because they cannot do this on their own and need our help to track them down. We have received a very unique request from a man who would like to address his profound gratitude to the person who helped him survived a car accident in 1988. Our participant was just 16 years old at that time and stayed alone for about six hours before he has been discovered at 10 a.m. or so. The accident occurred on Highway 55, at the entrance of the town of Standstead, Quebec, just a few kilometers from the American border, Vermont Derby Line.

The injured 16-year-old had driven into a ditch that was not visible from the road, and was projected from his vehicle. Apparently the good Samaritan had run out of gas when he saw the 16-year-old.

The folks behind the show don’t know much about the person who they’re looking for, except that he was an American resident of New Hampshire. They are looking for either the person himself or other witnesses who might be able to help.

If you have any information, please call 514-597-5453 or email deuxiemechance@radio-canada.ca.

West Lebanon man to compete on Monday’s episode of Jeopardy

(^^^ I mean that lovingly, as I am one of you.)


One of our own Upper Valley neighbors is competing on Jeopardy in an episode airing on Monday, May 28, according a release from the TV show’s production company.

Jeopardy host Alex Trebek and contestant Dev Thakur, a psychiatrist from West Lebanon. Photo courtesy: Jeopardy Productions, Inc.

Dev Thakur is a psychiatrist from West Lebanon and hopefully a new Jeopardy champ!

Fun fact(s): Jeopardy is in its 34th season and boasts 20 million viewers each week. Yowza.

‘American Pickers’ will be filming in New England and is reaching out to Upper Valley communities

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz. (Courtesy American Pickers)

American Pickers, the TV show about antique “picking” that airs on the History channel, is coming to New England “very soon,” and they’re looking for places to pick at!

Check out this notice from the TV show American Pickers, forwarded to us by the Lebanon Chamber of Commerce:

(Note that they specified New Hampshire in the email to Lebanon officials, but they are actually picking New England-wide, according to their other general announcements!)

Sunday’s episode of ‘Game of Thrones’ will be its shortest yet

As if this season wasn’t already flying by, Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones will set a new record: it will clock in as the show’s shortest-ever episode.

Same, tbh.

With a runtime of just 50 minutes, episode four’s The Spoils of War will be about a minute shorter than any the show has run up until this point. The shortest episode also comes during the HBO series’ shortest season to date — season 7 is Thrones‘ penultimate season, according to showrunners, and it contains only seven episodes.

However, there is some good news, per Time magazine: This season’s finale will run nearly 80 minutes, making it the longest episode in the show’s history.

We’ll drink to that!