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Undisputed winners of the week: Goats

In Vermont and elsewhere, goats have been a hot topic of late.

In the Green Mountain State, Montpelier this week announced it would be bringing some goats in to help control poison ivy growth. Seven Days Digital Editor Andrea Suozzo had the pleasure of writing this headline as a result:

Turns out, the goats have names:

AND, of course, goats in Boise, Idaho, made headlines late last week when they descended upon the city in droves. Behold, a play in four acts:

ICYMI: A roundup of all the things that the internet is talking about

I’ve had a list of topics I’ve been meaning to post about but just haven’t gotten around to on my desk for about a week now, and I realized some of y’all might have missed these things, too, so I’m rounding them up for ya. There are some gems in here, if I do say so myself.

Did I miss something? Tell me in the comments!


Um, so there’s a bunch of magma churning beneath us rn

Yeah, that’s right: I said MAGMA.

Y’know, this stuff.

(Yeah, yeah, this is technically lava, but lava is just magma that has broken through the Earth’s crust and escaped, soooo — it’s liquid hot magmaaaaa)

A group of researchers at Rutgers and Yale universities have made a surprising, if not slightly concerning, discovery: A huge pocket of molten magma is brewing directly underneath our feet, spanning multiple New England states, including New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts, according to a recent WMUR report.

Rutgers professor Vadim Levin has the scoop:

“What we found is a material that is warmer than it should be, according to what we understand.”

“It will not make a large supervolcano. It will not break through the surface, not in our lifetime, but it is not supposed to be there, so that is what is fascinating.”


The good news is it’s probably not gonna kill us: It could take millions and millions of years to reach the surface, if it ever does, WMUR reported.

Happy Friday!

‘The Lottery’ celebrates its 70th birthday

Vermont author Shirley Jackson’s famous short story The Lottery, which details a lottery and prize you wouldn’t want to win, officially has been creeping out high school students for 70 years.

Originally published in The New Yorker on June 26, 1948, readers across the globe commemorate “Lottery Day” on the date that Jackson’s story takes place: June 27.

According to The Bennington Banner:

In Bennington, those celebrations have become known as “Shirley Jackson Day” in an effort to continually engage local readers with both the author’s work and their own history.

Pretty neat. And great timing!

Read more about Jackson and The Lottery here.

It’s Town Meeting Day in Vermont!

Don’t be like this guy. Read up on the issues in your town via the link below.

It’s a beautiful day for some municipal elections! We’ll be keeping track of all results in our coverage area and will have full deets for you in Wednesday’s Valley News.

You can read up on the issues in each town — and the outcomes — here. (You also can follow up on results from around the state on Twitter by using the hashtag #TMDVT.)