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The curious case of the Old Navy sign in the Upper Valley Plaza

Is the Old Navy sign OK?

Last week, we reported that Old Navy is in fact coming to the Upper Valley, and is expected to open a location in the Upper Valley Plaza off of Route 12A in West Leb. While Old Navy’s parent company, Gap Inc., still has yet to confirm the store’s impending arrival, it became pretty clear when a placard bearing the store’s name was added to the sign listing the stores in the plaza last week. We even had photo proof of the sign’s installation.

Here’s where it gets weird: One of my co-workers, business reporter John Lippman, asked me earlier this week if I had seen the sign up myself. I said I had, because, well, I had. He was stunned by this, and said that when he passed the sign, he was pretty sure the Old Navy sign was conspicuously missing from the list of stores. I too was surprised, because I’d seen it up.

THEN, last night, I made a point to look at the sign again, and noticed that the sign was listed among the other stores, which is normal, save for the fact that the sign is now BACKWARD on both sides of the Upper Valley Plaza sign.

I have no idea what this means. Is it a distress call? Are we in the Upside Down? Was it all a dream? Are we being Punk’d? Does anyone who reads here even know what Punk’d is???

We’re on it. Stay tuned.

It’s official: Old Navy is coming to the Upper Valley

Workers change out the stores listed on a sign outside of the Upper Valley Plaza on Friday. Old Navy and 110 Grill will be opening locations in the Route 12A shopping center.  (Photograph courtesy Tina Hebb)

Workers change out the stores listed on a sign outside of the Upper Valley Plaza on Friday. Old Navy and 110 Grill will be opening locations in the Route 12A shopping center. (Photograph courtesy Tina Hebb)


The Upper Valley Plaza sign got a face-lift this week, as crews took down the old store signs in place of fresh ones that also featured a couple of newcomers. Two new additions to the sign, and therefore the plaza, are Old Navy and 110 Grill.

The Valley News (and UV INDEX) previously reported that 110 Grill was coming to the Upper Valley, but Old Navy was more elusive. While job postings all but confirmed the retailer would be opening a location in the area, the company stayed mum when the VN reported on the job listings in August.

But now, there is photographic proof!

Are you excited for the new additions to Route 12A? Tell us in the comments!

Scale replacement project making progress at the Lebanon Solid Waste & Recycling Facility

A project to replace the scales at Lebanon’s Solid Waste & Recycling Facility is underway, and the first part of the work has been completed.

The city of Lebanon tweeted on Thursday that the first vehicle scale was replaced last weekend, and the second scale is set to be replaced this weekend. The Valley News reported on Aug. 29 that the project would close the facility that Saturday to allow the work on a new scale house to proceed.

The facility is located off of Route 12A, the Upper Valley’s main commercial drag. The project is set to wrap by month’s end.

My, my, how Route 12A in West Lebanon has changed since 1974

For one thing, I can’t recall the last time I saw square dancers in a shopping plaza parking lot.

Rich’s department store, long gone, is now home to Kohls. And across the parking lot, HomeGoods is set to open on Sunday, Sept. 23. That building wasn’t even there yet! Of course, you can find more Upper Valley throwbacks at the #valleynewsthrowback hashtag on the @vnewsuv Instagram.

The Twin State Squares gathered at the West Lebanon Shopping Center on election night — Sept. 10, 1974 — to offer a little entertainment to shoppers and promote their “fun night” at the Hartford School Annex. For square dance enthusiasts, “Chub” Smith will be the caller. (Valley News – Larry McDonald) Copyright Valley News. May not be reprinted or used online without permission. Send requests to permission@vnews.com.

It’s official: HomeGoods in West Leb is opening Sept. 23

It’s a Sunday, for all you looking at the calendar. And doors will open at 8 a.m.

The news comes little more than a year after we first reported that HomeGoods was on its way. Other bits of information in a news release just sent out by the company:

  • The store is 19,800 square feet.
  • It’s the third store in the Burlington market.
  • They expect to fill 65 full-time and part-time positions.
  • Regular store hours are Monday through Thursday 9:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.Friday through Saturday 9:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.; and Sunday 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Special Grand Opening Day hours will be from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • And in case you live under a rock, we’re talking about the Upper Valley Plaza on Route 12A in West Leb.

Bring on the off-price shopping, y’all. Bring. It. On.

(But actually, more importantly, even when big new box stores come to town … don’t forget to shop local, as well!)