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The places to be on this beautiful Friday in the Upper Valley

Shop all day and party all night (or, at least, until about 10 p.m.):

Just me walkin’ around WRJ with a pile of clothes from the tent sale. nbd.

CATV campers hit the streets with video interviews

CATV! That’s my husband, Chico Eastridge, trying out the techniques.

I had the pleasure of hanging out with the CATV video campers this morning, sharing what I know about the ~art~ of person-on-the-street interviews.

For the uninitiated, “person on the street” (more commonly called “man on the street”) is when reporters hit the street and ask the general public about their opinions on a particular subject, whether it’s politics, local happenings, the weather, whatever.

My No. 2 piece of advice: If you’re getting stuck with “yes” and “no” answers, ask “how” and “why” questions. It opens the door for people to expand on their opinions.

My No. 1 piece of advice: Prepare to get rejected. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It’s part of the job.

Michael Fernandez, 13, of Thetford, Vt., interviews Roanne Rogerson, of Plainfield, N.H., while Azzlyn Arnold, 13, of Lebanon, N.H., films in White River Junction, Vt., on Thursday, July 26, 2018, for a man-on-the-street interview as part of the CATV News Camp. Their topics included the weather, the closing of the Hartford pool and parking. (Valley News – August Frank) Copyright Valley News. May not be reprinted or used online without permission. Send requests to permission@vnews.com. Purchase a reprint »

After I left, the campers hit the streets of White River Junction and came back with three videos.

They asked folks about parking in downtown WRJ; the weather these days (shoutout to Valley News photographer August Frank, who took the picture above AND shared his thoughts on the weather) and swimming in the area; and something they saw recently right here on this website.

Here’s their work. I noticed a lot of “how” and “why” questions!! Excellent job, folks.

There are still tickets available to see ~Siri~ perform in WRJ tonight

Susan Cameron Bennett, original voice of “Siri,” will perform with guitarist husband Rick Hinkle.

Susan Cameron Bennett is known as the voice of digital assistant Siri. (Courtesy photograph)

It’s a benefit for the Hartford Historical Society, and tickets are $50, including dinner (heavy hors d’oeuvres/dessert). Read more in a recent Out & About column by Liz Sauchelli.

According to a posting on the listserve by the historical society’s Susanne Abetti, Bennett was born in Vermont “with family roots in White River Junction.”

You can hear a little more about Bennett in this podcast and video.

Video: WRJ clothing/furniture store that was about to become a gym is heavily damaged by fire

Mainly Vintage clothing store owner Ann Hayden hugs Mark Garzia, who bought the property during an early hours fire in White River Junction, Vt., on Tuesday, June 19, 2018. (Valley News – August Frank) Copyright Valley News. May not be reprinted or used online without permission. Send requests to permission@vnews.com.

Mike Tidwell, of the Hartford Fire Department, works to put out any fires on the inside of the building that houses the Heirloom Antique Center & Furniture Hospital and Mainly Vintage clothing store in White River Junction, #VT, this morning. Fire officials are working to determine what caused the two-alarm fire early this morning that heavily damaged the building, which had recently changed hands and was going to become a gym. 🔸 Full story at www.vnews.com/instagram. Link in profile. 🔸 (Valley News – August Frank @augustfrankphoto) #uppervalley #upval #vnewsuv #photojournalism #hartfordvt #whiteriverjunction #antique #vintage #store #building #fire #smoke #firefighter #emergency #vermont #news #localnews #802 #🔥 #🚒

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