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Beware the beavers, particularly if you have a dog who wants to swim at the Wilder Dam

They don’t give af and it sounds like it can apparently get kinda dangerous.

Via Kerry Fielding Heavisides on the Upper Valley VT/NH Facebook page:

My dog, Clarabelle the Golden Retriever, nearly drowned last night at the Wilder dam. She happened upon two beavers who have set up camp along the banks of the Connecticut near the dam (VT side). I am guessing they have babies they were protecting from the fierce (curious) gold beast. I am telling you all as a precaution. Beavers, it turns out, like to engage their predator in a circling-around-the-water game whereby they count on exhausting the predator to the point of drowning.


This is just what happened. They would slap their tails and Clarabelle would swim after the fun sound. She would reach them and they would disappear only to pop up 40 feet in the other direction. So over that way she would swim. After 10 minutes, I realized that she was caught in this fascinating game of chase and did not know her own level of endurance. I called my dad (Dad’s always rescue) who lives very close by and whom Clara adores. He also has a great whistle. She perked up when she saw and heard him and even started to swim toward him, but SLAP! Another fun sound. So off she went again. So then I called my husband (she also ALWAYS listens to him) and he raced down. But she wouldn’t come to him even! I thought for sure I was going to have to tell my 9-year-old that her beloved dog had drowned. By this time she had been paddling non-stop for over 20 minutes. Read more.


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