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So there’s a nor’easter coming this weekend

Because of course there is. Just in time for Halloweekend, too. Hooray! /s

From The Weather Channel:

What to Expect
Rain and wind will spread up the East Coast Friday through Saturday night or early Sunday. Because it’s late October and not January, most of the precipitation should be rain.

However, parts of northern New England, especially the higher elevations, will see some wet snow accumulation this weekend.

Strong winds will be a concern with gusts to 60 mph are possible near the mid-Atlantic and New England coasts Saturday and Saturday night.

Precipitation could start out briefly as snow in eastern New York and central New England as moisture surges northward. The area of snow and likely some ice will expand during the afternoon and evening hours into northern New York, northern New England and be most widespread across Maine.

The highest snowfall totals will likely be in northern Maine and in the highest terrain of upstate New York and New Hampshire, including Mt. Washington.

Just a few inches of wet snow accumulating on trees still with leaves combined with wind can down trees and cause power outages. This is what occurred during the “Snowtober” 2011 snowstorm in late October.

More than 0.10 inches of ice is most likely in northern Maine and northern New Hampshire beginning in the afternoon on Saturday and ending early Sunday.

In New Hampshire:

Aaaaand in Vermont:

If you’re traveling tomorrow or participating in Halloween festivities, please be sure to stay safe. Drive slowly and appropriately for the conditions, give yourself extra time to reach your destination, and if you’re of age, definitely do not drink and drive.

Wacky winter weather affects animals, too

You know how weird it feels when temperatures are in the teens one day and then up near the 50s the next? How awful it is to see homes and property destroyed by freak flooding caused by unseasonably warm temps? Well, turns out animals also suffer the consequences of such weather whiplash. Bears in particular have woken up early from their hibernation, something they’re not due to do for months. As Vermont Fish and Wildlife’s Tom Rogers explained in a WCAX-TV video, winter flooding has taken a toll on the state’s animals. Watch the full video above.

Welp, looks like we’re in for more winter weather

Update to our earlier post: Pennsylvania’s Punxsutawney Phil has decided there will not be an early spring this year. Sorry, folks.

The famed groundhog saw his shadow, meaning we’re due for six more weeks of winter, because a groundhog seeing its shadow is a v precise and scientific determinant of meteorology. (Duh.)

ESPN’s Adam Schefter was among the first to break the news to his millions of Twitter followers.

Btw, you can follow Punxsutawney Phil – well, the group that takes care of him, at least – on Twitter, if you’re into that sort of thing.