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Photos from the Woodstock fire

Via the @vnewsuv Instagram. More at the latest version of the story.

1️⃣ Firefighters battle a blaze involving Pi Brick Oven Trattoria, The Vermont Standard, and The Collective in #WoodstockVT this morning. Double and triple roofs on some parts of the buildings made fighting the fire challenging.​ 2️⃣ #SpringfieldVT firefighters James Knight and Mark Hadwen take a break on the steps of the post office building. 3️⃣ Phillip Cabot Camp, Sr., publisher of The Vermont Standard, watches firefighters work to finish putting out the fire. Firefighters were able to retrieve computers and a fire safe containing backup documents from the newspaper’s second floor offices. 🔹 More at www.vnews.com/instagram. Link in profile. 🔹 (Valley News – August Frank @augustfrankphoto) #uppervalley #upval #vnewsuv #photojournalism #vermont #vt #fire #firefighters #emergency #news #localnews #breakingnews

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A spooky tale: Woodstock has history with vampires

A great historical read by Valley News reporter EmmaJean Holley on early New England’s long and storied history with vampires, which often was mistaken for what actually was tuberculosis, or consumption, as it was known.

I actually did a project during my senior year of college on Rhode Island’s own haunted history, with a particular focus on vampires. Exeter, R.I., is home to the grave of Mercy Brown, who is widely known as the Ocean State’s most famous “vampire.” (You can read more on Brown here.)

It’s interesting to see that each little village, as isolated as they were, all shared the same fears about that which could not be easily explained.